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Gang Application - Czarr - 12/08/21

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  1. What is your gang name? : House Of Sparta
  2. What is your user ID? : 499
  3. When was your gang created? : 13/05/21
  4. Tell us your gang backstory: House Of Sparta is a group of people who was involved in the life of various different crimes such as fighting, robberies, weapon dealing and more. They moved to the city (CMG) in early May and chose to expand their horizons. They invested in multiple different properties ranging from clubs to IT offices, House Of Sparta started their first business within the west side of the city (LIFE INVADER), This is where they hosted meetings with other gangs to get an in depth way of how people work. House Of Sparta started to gain respect from other gangs and started to grow their reputation by supplying stolen goods and illegal substances to other groups of people, ranging from stolen Jewell's from the Jewellery store to hijacking weapon and drug shipments. The life invader was good to House Of Sparta but they wanted something to expand their horizons so they dipped their toes into the legal side of things and bought the Bean Machine Coffee Shop in the north side of the city, House Of Sparta opened the coffee shop daily and invested all their profits into their gang funds. The Bean Machine was also used for hosting VIP events upstairs ranging from meetings and interviews. House Of Sparta started to become very well known for their red ties and their motto "No retreat, no surrender; that is Spartan law. And by Spartan law we will stand and fight... and die for the cause." With them now being one of the biggest families/gangs within the city they started to slide back into the illegal side of things and launch their new mercenary division. The mercenaries consist of 5 previous SAS (Special Air Service) members, their stealth is what makes them scary. They will always be there watching you and listening, you just wont know when. House Of Sparta led them down a path of violence and illegal activities which inspired the mercenaries to become what they are now. With years and years of training from Czarr and his gang, the mercenaries were ready to take on the city.
    Not long after all the illegal activities spiked up again they were found with a warrant placed on their heads. This didn't stop them from risking their life to get involved in crime. Czarr the head of HOS was caught out unfortunately but it wasn't as bad as it seems. Whilst he was being arrested Jonty started planning a way to break him free from the convoy with another gang The Triads. The convoy had started and the Spartans and Triads made their move, it was the hardest thing to try and pull off but nothing could stop them. Later that night Czarr was broken free and taken to a secret garage to lie on the low for a few days. It wasn't until these few days were over that House Of Sparta started to risk more and more. They robbed the biggest bank in the city but sadly Czarr was caught again and this time placed in segregation, later that week he was released on bail and everyone in HOS had a huge plan on how to get back at the police for how they had treated them. A few selected members of the gang was tasked with hiding out on a mountain while Czarr called the Commissioner of Met PD undercover claiming he could get him access to Czarr. When the Commissioner arrived to the location the highly trained members stormed in from all angles making sure he was secure and no one followed him. After a few nice words the commissioner was left knocked out on the floor barely remembering what happened.
    The warrant was running out and House Of Sparta decided to make their move on the biggest plan in history, breaking into the military base and stealing disclosed information all secured on a hard drive. The mission was successful but little did they know what they had started.
    After these intense and scary few weeks House Of Sparta took all the savings from Bean Machine and recently started the construction of an old run down warehouse in the South-East of the city by the fire department. After months of all the members grinding hard to carry out the hard work and graft of this warehouse they had finally stripped out the inside and could make a start on decorating and construction on the outside of the yard. With months and months being passed by the warehouse was completed on 29th July 2021. This is now where House Of Sparta can fulfil their business needs, ranging from Gang meetings, Planning heists, Planning ambushes on shipments and waiting for the right moment to become the best of the best.
  5. What RP does your gang predominantly do? : House Of Sparta can be seen doing all kinds of Role play ranging from robbing jewellery stores to opening up shops and hosting all kinds of events.
    We can mostly be seen doing the illegal side of things and giving the police department a run for their money. We will plan out the hardest jobs over weeks and weeks, we always are prepared and have backup plans at the ready. We have been seen helping out the community with pests around the city, when i say help i mean killing off their enemies.
    House Of Sparta are also one of the biggest illegal gangs in the city, we have weapon deals and drug deals all the time which creates amazing role play. We also have our own divisions that help along with this. The mercenary division specialises in the harder sides of things that only trained ex army members could pull of, this requires ultimate stealth and precision.
    You can also hire us to protect special events or meetings, we have a low starting price so that every can afford it. We have been known to protect parties and public events just so we can keep the peace and make sure any unwanted people stay clear unless they want to face the consequence.
    We also have our own business division which helps out on the weapon selling and vehicle renting side of things, Once an order has been placed and payed for we can sort out a discreet meeting location and complete the order/business.
    Our main base of operations is our newly refurbished House Of Sparta warehouse located in the SE side of the city, this is where we plan most of our activities and meet other gangs to disclose trouble or business.
    On the legal side we have our very own bean machine coffee shop which is very popular, we open most days and invite people from all over the world to try out very own famous blend, everyone loves the staff at bean machine and cant get enough of the coffee and RP we bring to them.
  6. What idea do you have for your whitelisted gang perk? : we dont want to discuss on the application we have a really cool idea that we want to do but would like to keep it between us and the staff of CMG for now!
  7. Please post a screenshot of your proposed gang outfit(s): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/853418854738821120/866028411239268412/unknown.png
  8. Please post your gang roster: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/856574492046524446/875402201051316284/unknown_1.png
  9. I confirm I have read and understand the whitelisted gang rules: Yes

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+1 none biased but HoS have been doing a madness around the city to say they’ve come so far in such a quick time… I’m glad to be apart of HoS

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House Of Sparta - Captain

HMPS - Senior Officer

200k ID - 800+ Hours

Discord - Rxgue#1111


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+1 done lots of gang rp out of my 500 hours id say 4/5 of that is gang rp , from my point of view hos is one of the most active and craziest gangs when it comes to rp with there role play when it comes to pd, storylines, guns, drugs anything you can name under the sun, definitely deserve the white list after the countless hours they've put into the gang rp scene.


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- Best RP in the city

- Can bring so much more to cmg 

- Deserves the whitelist

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HoS are undeniably one of the best organisations in the city, the rp they create is unique, fun to be involved in and entertaining to watch. HoS are also insanely active, greating new rp everyday and involving as many other gangs and members in the city as possible. I'm proud to say I am a member of this ever-evolving gang



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