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Regarding payment plans


I am currently on Payment plan with someone for 37 mil over 15 days at 2.4 mil a day. on the first 3 days i paid off 13.5 mil, so i didnt pay him for the next 3 days, and now he is saying that if i miss one more payment, he is cancelling the payment plan even though i have paid the money for the first 5 days and wasnt able to get on today to pay but i have 8mil on me. I am 1 mil behind because i couldnt connect to the server today to pay him because fivem has been glitching. Is he able to cancell the payment plan because i am not paying 2.4 mil a day and rather paying like 6 mil at a time then elaving the next few days to farm even though i am on track with the 15 days pay worth?

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As long as the player is getting the funds and you aren't behind. He has no reason to end the payment plan. Please ensure you record everything and keep any DMs just in case.

Any further questions about this feel free to msg me on Discord -  Ashy#7948

Ashy - The Purple Haired Space Bunned Bitch

Danny Senior Moderator!

Ex - NHS Captain

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