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• [DENIED] Gang Whitelist Application - HBK - 09/01/21

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-1 This gang is racist and condones racism within. One of the leaders was told and heard the person who was being racist and when called out about it he was more focused on kicking a guy for using a pistol. Unreal.

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-1 Members are racist and are still in the gang after being racist in a call with the leaders of HBK. Also kicks members for using pistols.  one guy always begging to buy aks but the guy would never go on as well so they kicked him for using pistol cause he had noting .

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Thank you for showing interest in a gang whitelist. However, after reviewing your application, the CMG Management team has decided not to accept you. After some evidence has been provided to management members, it has come to our attention that you have allowed multiple occurrences relating to racist slurs and racist behavior. Members of your gang were accused of such, and your actions and punishment to stop this unacceptable behavior were nothing more than a joke of an act. And you've made it very clear that you are incapable of having correct priorities. The gang leaders seem to condone racist behaviour and seem to lack maturity, as explicitly shown as they respond to these accusations.

As of now, CMG Management will not tolerate such behavior, and we will therefore not allow such gangs to be allowed the blessing of being whitelisted. Until you have fixed your gang and solved the apparent problems, including setting your priorities straight, you will remain denied.

You may reapply in a minimum of 4 weeks,
For inquiries or questions regarding your application, contact me directly at Ludde#0001 (on discord).

Tthis denial may be subject to change and is not final till all of the evidence from both parties have been reviewed and discuseed to a full extent.

Edited by Ludde
Head Administrator & Management
Donation Support & Former Commissioner
Member Since  ~December 2018
Discord: Ludde#0001
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