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Found 3 results

  1. What is your gang name? : peaky blindersWhat is your user ID? : When was your gang created? : 20/05/21Tell us your gang backstory: we grew up in a small town called small heath birmingham and where a massive family with the lee boys and all gypsys in birmingham were are very known and my name is tommy shelby the leader What RP does your gang predominantly do? : peaky blinders is a big family who is very known we will use violence if we have to but we are a betting firm and a mechanic in small heath we want to extand our franchasise and make peaky blinders even betterWhat idea do you have for y
  2. What is your gang name?: HBKWhat is your user ID?: 16608When was your gang created?: 08/06/20Tell us your gang backstory: HBK has been a gang that's been around for quite a long time, it has many dedicated members making it more of a family rather than a gang alone where everyone is just acquaintances; we're a family but also business. HBK was made as a business gang with many impressive high-quality services that it has offered over an amount of time, I have created this gang to have a place for the people within the community at the time to have a society/community to be included w
  3. What is your gang name?: The Givenchy Crime FamilyWhat is your user ID?: 123364When was your gang created?: 05/10/20Tell us your gang backstory: The Givenchy Crime Family originate from Sicily, Italy, moving to Brooklyn New York in the 1920s. However they have become too hot for America as the FBI is getting closer to catching them and the head of the family being killed so they have moved to London in search of a new start, the start of a new empire. The boss of the givenchy family joseph givenchy who was assinated in his apartment in brooklyn by a rival family known as the colombos he was
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