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  1. Hi

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    2. RbxCell


      just no..... Malborguno man thinking its spanish and dat MalborgOne

    3. Malborguno


      Stop acting like a roadman, you're danish. Stop being a wannabe cringe kid

    4. RbxCell


      ur danish as well what have I heard ahahahha

  2. Dose anyone know what’s a fast car to chose on Custom import on the kingpin rank 

    1. RbxCell


      Would recommend the Konesiegg Jesko, as it dings 250 flat

    2. Bossman101


      K thanks 

    3. RbxCell
  3. In the future when u want to checkup on how many hours you have, just press home then press tab then use the arrow keys to navigate within the menu, find your name and u shall be good
  4. Sorry to tell you this, but you have been told you are not allowed to make any more appeals. And u are gonna keep getting denied so waste of your time if you make any more ngl. U've made 3 the past 50 mins

  5. Car developers are your people, what I mean by that is try ask a car developer or make a car report and make sure you have the car spawncode ready
  6. What colour is your rank? and what rank does it show in the discord
  7. Are you still having this issue?
  8. Have you tried rejoining?
  9. Make a ticket regarding account transfer or something in those lines
  10. RbxCell

    cant play

    Make a bug report
  11. Are you still in need of help?
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