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  1. Gang Whitelist Requirements: Gang must exist for at least 1 month minimum Gang must have a minimum of 20 gang members - Is this requirment being met? Gang must pay £100,000,000 in order to receive the below gang perks. (This is £5,000,000 each, if split between 20 members)
  2. man like nigel

    1. Nigel


      Who is this Nigel fella you speak of?

    2. Cuffee



    3. Nigel


      Never heard of him before

  3. why did i get community banned on ts and fivem for toxicity , when was i toxic ?

    1. Capalot00


       all i did was kindly ask you to unban me from discord as ive been banned for over a year and then i get banned for toxicity only after i messaged u as if you had forgot to ban me earlier for whatever u banned me for


  4. love you ludde loved when we played EFT

  5. yo do you think you could have a look at my un ban epele thanks


  6. Imagine not being norwegian though...

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