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  1. feelin a bit spicy today might have a tesco meal deal

  2. +1 Good gang to roleplay with, have a good time at weed turf for that
  3. What is your gang name?: HBK What is your user ID?: 16608 When was your gang created?: 08/06/20 Tell us your gang backstory: HBK has been a gang that's been around for quite a long time, it has many dedicated members making it more of a family rather than a gang alone where everyone is just acquaintances; we're a family but also business. HBK was made as a business gang with many impressive high quality services that it has offered over an amount of time, I have created this gang to have a place for the people within the community at the time to have a society/community to be included within to help them rise within the already made community, HBK was made as a home, a family but still offer business ideas with other business's which has made us quite close with many of the people within CMG that have power. There's multiple sectors of HBK where we give a lot to the community, it was also made for it to be a gang where people can relax and have fun whereas many other gangs are quite stressful. It was made around 8th June 2020 and was renamed from a different gang back during March although we have never had extreme falls; the gang has always been stable within members and money so we mainly do things to help the community within CMG. The main people who founded HBK was me (Jenny) and two other people named Alex and Kelvin although we've had dedicated members throughout the changes within the gang are also still with us today such as members like Jordan. What RP does your gang predominaly do?: The business deals that HBK offers is either of illegal drugs under ground, flipping cars, guns or we offer many other services due to our different sectors within the gang. Our sectors include Purveyor; this means that they sell goods such as guns, vehicles, houses or they sell drugs underground. Conveyor of Investiture; this role within the gang recruits new members and keeps an eye on the new recruits. Espionage; kidnapping other gang members for the reason of intel or on request from other gangs. We do many different sectors of roleplay although most of it is mainly just general business roleplay where we have many different sectors around the city and round the city, we have got our own casino which is opened to the public therefore we can roleplay as security guards, owner and applicated roles to the members. What does your gang bring to CMG?: Our gang brings roleplay, business and fun. The business can bring a lot of opportunities for good role play, especially the police force that we can create scenarios with. Our gang will bring a sense of community with each other and will bring the community together as we're all a very friendly lot with good roleplay skills as we all enjoy the roleplay but we also offer protection within turfs, such as Heroin or LSD to protect the grinders that sell within it for no commission with low turf commission as well, as we want to bring everyone together. Our gang also offers many unique opportunities for the people within CMG. What idea do you have for your whitelisted gang perk?: Lock picking so we're able to steal other people's cars and break into their boots also break into houses and take stuff from their houses inventory to gather intel or items to trade within business, also being able to deliver the cars to a chop shop. If this is not possible then, we'd like to have a percentage from the losses within our casino. Another idea we have thought about which could be hard to obtain, it is a gun shop for our gang members where we can obtain guns or ammo for guns at a discounted price as we have a lot of whitelists. Gang locked vehicle: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rolls-royce-phantom-limousine-help-needed-see-description Gang locked weapon: Divined is going to design them. Gang locked HQ: Divined is going to design them. Please post a screenshot of your proposed gang outfit(s): https://imgur.com/h6cvc6W Please post your gang roster: Jenny Zelo Divined Soulz Bobbee Johan Josh Noah Ted Docta Jordan Moth scutch Stun Tyler stas Ziggy Kelvin Fabbe I confirm I have read and understand the whitelisted gang rules.: Yes
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