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  1. Staff cap is now raised to 120k and below.

    1. JamesUK



    2. Bxrks



  2. To remind everyone, what qualifies you for the CMG Staff team - 
    4 or less punishments on your F10
    1 Month after you have been punished must pass before you can apply or it will be an instant deny, regardless of the punishment.
    Positive, Professional and Firm but Fair attitude
    Knowledge on the rules
    110k perm id and below

  3. Do we want an event Sunday evening?
    If so - Ima reserve slots between 30/40 people

  4. Staff Cap is now raised to 110k and below in perm ids.

    1. JamesUK


      wiggy moving bois

    2. JamesUK


      Viggy vaseline now on sale. 

  5. short arse

    1. JamesUK


      can vouch

    2. Wiggy.


      Ross I wanna motorboat you - James ur as straight as a roundabout. 

  6. Sup fellas, those who are interested in JOINING a whitelisted gang I am hosting a small meeting where i'll release some information about the gangs, which gangs are in need of a couple additions to the gang etc - you can bring your groups etc - the 10 white listed gangs are pretty sick, so if your an active member of CMG maybe it's something you might want to take a look into - come on teamspeak at 8pm and you'll be dragged to the meeting channel. If you could put GangMeeting in your name would be perfect to identify your presence.

    ip - ts.cmgforums.com

    1. Lee


      got you to 20 rep thank me later mate ❤️

  7. Staff Cap has been raised 100k Perm Id and below now.

    1. Lee


      oof big man going in

    2. Lee


      cant lie loving this song g raa 

  8. Wiggy is the biggest waffler known. Untitled-1.png

    1. Wiggy.


      That is mad man, everywhere I look this Roger looking mess from American Dad is there

    2. JamesUK


      Hahahaha you be hiding in that Staff Managers Office with em

    3. bmw.



  9. Songs banging fam cant lie been a while since i've erd a linkin park song 

    1. cheifwiggy


      To be honest there my go to Group man got all there albums all decent including there most recent ones


  10. I gotta be real Jake is literally a Dot Dot Dot

  11. Ur breff actually stinks fam

  12. Slapping Battys

  13. Smells like rotten lettuce

  14. cunt 24/7

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