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  1. ur trash kid

  2. Please make a comp request: https://cmgforums.com/forums/index.php?/forms/9-comp-request/ And ensure you add as much detail as possible.
  3. Tine is best admin

    1. Ludde


      how much did he pay you?

    2. Andy
    3. [WZG] Tine
  4. I will not be able to fix the authentication problem, however, If you provide us with your Discord Name/# we will be able to add the Member role to you. So, either comment with the necessary info, or shoot me a PM.
  5. help

    i just got banned for doing nothing for 24 hours i just got unbanned a guy rammed me in a car and so i bumped him back he said i was vdming and then he just banned me for no reason he didnt even tell me to stop or go away


  6. yo

    can i plz get unbanned im sry

  7. hi


    1. cloudzzbtw


      i sent u it on the message


    2. cloudzzbtw





  8. YES G!!!


  9. Either verify your phone, or put your discord name/# here, and ill give you the role
  10. First Line of Defence on Top

  11. Am not a waffler

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