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  1. hey mate can u look at the dm on these forums i would appreciate it alot 

  2. respire lad u just replied to my appeal about my f10 i dont think u understood not being a prick but its only exxsecive beacuse my points never deducted 


  3. Hi Bud, before i knew i was banned, i upgraded my rank, is there a refund procedure i can initiate please.




    1. JaouadAR


      It's only a 48 hours ban mate, and there are no refunds if you try to refund  through your bank you'll get perm banned. 

    2. Rupert


      i know its only 48 but its more the point for me,countless people speak far, far worse than what i did and they run around the city, i respect the decision and understand it but it just doesnt seem consistent with anything ive experienced so far.


      Thanks for the reply though 

  4. i dont think the unban has went through bro it says this image.thumb.png.b62a8f834a8e6fd534f9c952fe388bb8.png

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