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  1. Hi @Bitterfive, make sure GTA V is part of your Steam Library, update the Rockstar Launcher and Steam, and then ensure Steam is already running once you try to open FiveM and load onto CMG. Please let me know if that helps in my discord DMs - Deviation#0001
  2. @England is my city the only way to get this fixed is to make a ticket in the CMG discord for "account recovery." Once you have filled a ticket out, just be patient until the recovery has been completed.
  3. @England is my xity I am assuming this hasn't yet been resolved by checking your last login date. Did you manage to make the relevant recovery ticket in the CMG Discord with your account information? @ZeeDon I am aware your account has been completed and recovered successfully.
  4. Huge +1 - I have been involved with many RP based meetings and outings with the Givenchy Family and it would be amazing to get them whitelisted. They bring a unique style of RP to CMG which I haven't seen in a long time, "you're lucky my boxing days are over pal!"
  5. Undoubtedly what would be the best RP based and business based gang in CMG. Professional Management, Staff and the fastest response times, with incredible positive feedback, just see for yourself! HUGE +1
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