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  1. the current gang cap is 15 and we have 15 members so the whitelist app rules need to be changed to fit todays standard and we have a few days left then it will be one month by the time this gets looked at by management it will be one month since the gang was made @Ludde
  2. What is your gang name?: The Givenchy Crime FamilyWhat is your user ID?: 123364When was your gang created?: 05/10/20Tell us your gang backstory: The Givenchy Crime Family originate from Sicily, Italy, moving to Brooklyn New York in the 1920s. However they have become too hot for America as the FBI is getting closer to catching them and the head of the family being killed so they have moved to London in search of a new start, the start of a new empire. The boss of the givenchy family joseph givenchy who was assinated in his apartment in brooklyn by a rival family known as the colombos he was killed in 1964 which then his son Micky Givenchy Cohen took the oath and became the new Boss of the givenchy crime family who is a hot headed power hungry character looking to gain as much power as possible. The family always have eachothers back however if someone walks away from the life they will be executed. The mafia had many ways in which they would make money , running casinos , providing protection to those who could not goto the police , and controlling the union they had alot of power at one point until the FBI and were way ahead of the police until at some time the FBI began to catch up on the mafia and began planting bugs to gain evidence in order to put them in court and have them jailed for their horrible crimes. The mafia then recently moved to the united kingdom as the heat was way too much on them and the FBI was about to put them all in for life until the heat is down they wont be going back to brookyln new york anytime soon.What RP does your gang predominaly do?: The rp we provide we try to give an authenic mafia expereince for example we control all the businesses in the main city part what comes in , what comes out . We also extort gangs in the city too and we provide protection for those who cannot ask for protection from the police as they are criminals themselves. We stricly do not deal with any drugs as the mafia was against drugs in the early 90s. Respect is one thing which is very important in the mafia if a made man is disrepcted by a non made man then huge consqences will occur to that personWhat does your gang bring to CMG?: Well when we started to roleplay we also noticed it encouraged some other gangs to roleplay with us and thats what led to us creating the commision which is 3 gangs which control seperate territories and have come toegther to dominate the whole country and control all businesses within the country. There are sometimes gangs who wish to rival us but we have made an example of a few gangs so that others would comply with us and do what we ask of them . We are also apart of the commision which is 3 gangs which have come together (hitsquad , kray firm and givenchys ) and together the entire country is controlled by us here is a picture of this. https://gyazo.com/78e80dcd28664113fb637dc59b2c29ed?token=ee28c374a06eeb5ee0759a39b0fd2669What idea do you have for your whitelisted gang perk?: An italian wine which if you drink gives you a special ability like 50% armor it would work like the whiskey in game but instead once you drink it give you 50% extra armor with a cooldown to balance it out OR gives you faster speedPlease post a screenshot of your proposed gang outfit(s): https://gyazo.com/a37ec29548e803a602a41ff3fd169c24 https://gyazo.com/8708d6bb0959f83bcb2151f5694be568 https://gyazo.com/65062042b8a16b8557494e524a284391Please post your gang roster: ElChapo#7016 Alec#8962 noahd565#8450 Jappie#3051 stoxee#5631 floppy#0328 Fzde#0005 Jackkk#0434 Sour#0482 MrTaco#7519 𝓢𝓮𝓽𝓱#0001 B-Hum#0490 Rainnn#0001 Clint#7785 darius.z#5909 https://gyazo.com/b3762504b7f2a360f8e6be4621c990d9 https://gyazo.com/816357e9360ba6074f3d15dd18283e49I confirm I have read and understand the whitelisted gang rules.: Yes
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