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  1. I'd like myself some cake

  2. and i would like to see me being toxic to staff

    1. Al Shebab

      Al Shebab

      Posting this on @Rolex's wall isn't achieving anything. Please appeal the ban or wait in TS to speak to a higher up.

    2. maddoxpaddy123
    3. maddoxpaddy123


      well no point im banned for doing nothing wrong so...

  3. i would like to see proof of me hacking ?????????

  4. got banned from discord for no reason pls help discord is PhilipHs05#3191


    1. Rolex


      You've been banned for DDos threats & ban evading.

    2. philiphs05


      wtf no wrong person i gues pls show proff becasue im 10000% i didnt DDos or something wtf 


    3. Rolex


      Right well i cant help you bud.

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