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  1. Andy

    Discord Verifying

    If you need to get verified in the discord, however it wont let you. Please fill this form out and wait patiently. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdkBRG7AIAHIR5mz0JlDPkgYQh9hLc87yUiR3f3-j9Lwy4VUg/viewform
  2. i will pass the message across.
  3. Hello Forums manager Andy!

  4. Fill this in please https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdkBRG7AIAHIR5mz0JlDPkgYQh9hLc87yUiR3f3-j9Lwy4VUg/viewform
  5. Etjk

    please help me look at appeals please



  6. Hi


    You denied my ban appeal for not putting in enough detail but I didn't even do anything to get banned. I don't understand why I got banned... it's really annoying that you're asking me why I got banned and to put loads of detail in but I literally can't its like asking me to describe the colour black in 2000 words. I haven't been able to play for 6 months with my friends all I'm trying to do is have a bit of fun, please can you re-review or just try and sort something out for me. I genuinely 100% didn't even do anything I can join any other server completely fine. As put in my original unban request before all I had on my screen was lua error and got kicked, then I got banned.

  7. Denied - Doesn't meet any requirements. Locked & Moved
  8. I made a new comp request with a fresh link


  9. yo andy my mate has same problem he got extra hours on his ban 

    he got banned with me by metzo 


  10. yo andy am i being unbanned as i havent yet and it is 8:34

    1. Andy



    2. dermm17


      thanks bro 

    3. dermm17


      i cant get into the server it says something about couldn't load resources failed to open packfile 

  11. Post count [Day 1]

  12. I logged on this morning and I lost my vip truck and mclaren and all my money 

  13. Is the koingsegg jesko a good custom to get 

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