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  1. wdym denied , you saw i was in ts waiting for heaton for 1 and a half hours and i messaged you and you told me to wait , when i asked you an hour later you just closed the conversation without saying anything 

    1. Al Shebab

      Al Shebab

       James has since left CMG, please report to TS and speak to an active member of staff about this one.

  2. so i was robbing stores and was waiting out side for my friend and it kicked me saying i was banned buy cmg anticheat when i wasnt cheating image.thumb.png.33b31f79f51fe0647c8ad2622760cdba.png

  3. hello What is the server input song name?

    1. JamesUK



  4. Am not a waffler

  5. Wiggy is the biggest waffler known. Untitled-1.png

    1. Wiggy.


      That is mad man, everywhere I look this Roger looking mess from American Dad is there

    2. JamesUK


      Hahahaha you be hiding in that Staff Managers Office with em

    3. bmw.



  6. 🎂

    1. Juwlz


      Happy birthday James ( Dr.Witty)

  7. The NHS is recruiting and has started it's recruitment program! 


  8. My new NHS music

  9. @HeatonTrue most likely will be his favourite post Image result for flipped burgers

  10. Image result for burger flipping

    1. Al Shebab

      Al Shebab

      He made me this in backarea


  11. Big man heaton flipping those burgers

    1. Heaton


      Ffs lmao

  12. Looking towards improving NHS and reaching our goals

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JamesUK


      Mhm we do try I just don't want to implement too much of the serious RP side like IV lines, torquinets, amitriptyline because obviously would be too much to implement so looking at something easier but still professional and better then our current system 🙂

    3. Seth


      Yeah, just gotta improve that core roleplay while they are getting the patients up 🙂

    4. Al Shebab
  13. Need NHS HQ please 🙂

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