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  1. This is an issue with Discord and not CMG. Please wait for Discords authentication servers to begin working.
  2. HEY alfie i have posted another post like 6 months ago and it was on hold for 5 months so im hoping this doesnt be like the other i got told by realist on cmg if u know him do another so is there a quick soloution?


  3. Nqkn

    yo with my ban appeal are u sure i cant appeal a week earlier or somthn?

    1. Alfie


      I'm certain

    2. Nqkn


      some people have appealed and have been banned after me and its on hold

    3. Nqkn


      also is it a high chance i will be unbanned since i didnt ban evade or anyting


  4. Hey Alfie, not sure how to reply on the appeal so ill message here. Im not too sure of there IDs and previous ones. They dont play on computer anymore as the have Xboxes now i moved out.

  5. shit staff banned me from ts for no reason

  6. Nero

    I can't reply yes discord

  7. Alfie


    Could you please provide me with your Perm ID stated on the ban message and I'll look into this for you.
  8. Alfie


    Hey, are you able to provide POV leading up to the point where you were banned?
  9. Strange, I'll have a look for some ideas and get back to you.
  10. Yeah, using the other casino is the simpler solution. I used to have this issue but I suggest clearing your cache and doing a full reinstall of the CMG client files OR reinstalling FiveM. I did both of these and fixed the issue and have not had a problem since.
  11. Are you still having this issue or has it been resolved now @distranche?
  12. Hello sw1shcorbett, I am making the assumption that this issue is resolved by now, however, in the instance which it is not please open a ban appeal on the forums or join our TeamSpeak and join "Waiting for Support" and a member of staff will review your evidence and unban you if necessary.
  13. Alfie


    Hello mrmg14, Please contact @Minimanz regarding your mute and he will be able to sort this for you.
  14. Hello Owen, Your forums name will only be set upon first login to the forums if using a 3rd party application such as Steam. If you require a name change please contact Harra or Vortex on Discord and they will be able to do this for you.
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