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  1. Hi. Creating a Fivem account will not reset your cmg Progress, it will just give you access to the Main Fivem Forums and will be needed when you purchase any Cmg VIP items.
  2. keenan you said my cheating ban can be done after a 6 months but an admin said i can do it in five days

  3. Hi, you need 100 Hours if your 16+ or 150 if your 15. You can check Your hours using the Home Menu ingame. Good Luck with your Application.
  4. Hi, please could you make a Donation support ticket in our support discord, the details for this are under the #openaticket section of the Main cmg discord You will need your Perm ID and Tebex transaction number which will be on your confirmation email and our donation support team will be able to help You out with this issue Should you need Any help, feel free to Dm me on discord @Keenan2140#2140
  5. Hi, please could you open a donation support ticket on discord and our Donation support team will be able to Help you with this. Just Check your Confirmation email for your Texex Transaction number and provide this and the correct Perm ID in your ticket.
  6. Hi, you would need to make an account Recovery ticket on our discord, it can take around 7 days for your account to be Restored but if you've already made a ticket then someone will reply in your ticket should any further information be needed.
  7. Hi, you can apply for the Police here https://cmgforums.com/forums/index.php?/forum/25-metropolitan-police-services/ The details are also in our Discord under #policeinfo
  8. For account recovery you would need to Make a ticket on our discord however due to the sale this may not be possible at the moment so i'll leave this here for @Robbsterto review, can you provide details of your old Permid/discord?
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