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  1. Hi, really sorry for bothering you. But do you know how long the teamspeak que would be

    1. JackM


      Unforunately we dont have an eta as its only rob that deals with them bans. You would just need to wait in there until you are spoken to

    2. blobboy


      ok thank you


    3. blobboy


      Hi, i have been waiting for 3hours now do you think it is worth waiting for longer? Thanks so much for your help.

  2. Yo  With The Ban Appeal it has been More than 3 Months ?

    1. JackM


      you were banned on the 7th of october. therefore on the 7th january it will have been 3 months since you were banned

    2. Tristan


      Can't be im sure i got band on the 7 of june 




    3. JackM


      nope ive checked your f10

  3. hey my other forums account was banned an hour ago because i said some things such as ur the n word and i will doxxing you and ddosing cgm but i promise i dont even know how to do anything of those i was told if i wrote that i was going to get paid 5$ and 10m in cgm by someone and i did it and they didnt give me anything pls dont ban ,me ingame 


    1. Minimanz


      Imagine being this retarded 

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