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  1. @Harveyd11 Hi please make a ticket in discord (-new) in any channel. Then say your old perm id and your current one.
  2. @Dynamo Have you opened a ticket on discord?
  3. MinePup

    car report

    https://forms.gle/T7idEmjH9zPrjrHk6 @yung k9
  4. MinePup


    Make a ticket in discord and explain the issue with your perm id and it will be corrected.
  5. MinePup


    @yung k9 Try doing /getnewgundata if that dosen't work let Despawned know in your ticket so it can be fixed!
  6. I know and I'm sincerely sorry for that my friend told me to say it because I would never actually say that from my own words so can I just have a chance bro plzzzzz I I didnt mean it and I was peer pressure into saying it bro plz man plz accept the appeal I'm only a threat to my self now at this point mas plz


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    2. Dorami


      ohh i mean can you read my ban appeal?

    3. MinePup


      Please wait for a reply.

    4. Dorami
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