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    Make a ticket on discord. @HDavid26
  2. @gunlire Is "texture quality" set to normal in graphics settings? Also you can try the canary branch in FiveM this should help fix this. Open FiveM Click settings at the top right Update channel to Canary Restart FiveM https://prnt.sc/u6svv7
  3. I know and I'm sincerely sorry for that my friend told me to say it because I would never actually say that from my own words so can I just have a chance bro plzzzzz I I didnt mean it and I was peer pressure into saying it bro plz man plz accept the appeal I'm only a threat to my self now at this point mas plz


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    2. Dorami


      ohh i mean can you read my ban appeal?

    3. MinePup


      Please wait for a reply.

    4. Dorami
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