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    1. Name: VR
    2. Perm ID : 214141
    3. Who banned you? : Deviation
    4. Duration of ban? : Permanent ban
    5. Why do you think you're eligible for an unban? :  i quit the game to go sleep. woke up banned for racism and ban evasion thought it was a joke -_-
    6. What rules(s) did you break? : Ban evading / racism  (apparently)
    7. What was the reason for the ban?:i have no clue i did not have any encounters with anyone before i signed off!
    8. Have you ever attempted to Ban evade this Ban? : No

    [CMG] Permanent Ban
    Your ID is: 214141
    Reason: Ban Evading / Racism
    Banned by Deviation
    Appeal @ cmgforums.com

    1. flipsey187


      name flipsey*

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