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  1. yo are you joining team speak





    1. Usse [SWE]

      Usse [SWE]

      coming team speak or nha


  2. You go to Teamspeak, Press "Connections" Paste servernick name or addres: ts.cmgforums.com Nickname is your name you use for PD.
  3. @Cody No need to quit, Wait, Unban Appeal & Understand what you have done wrong and make sure nothing like that is going to happen again.

    1. Cody


      Nah g it's cool, I feel like by the time im back the community will have changed so much. I'm also blacklisted from PD which is all I really played because I don't enjoy all the H fragging shit. Hopefully one day I'll get unbanned but it's not looking like it's gonna be any time soon


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