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  1. hi robbster please dont ignore this ive been banned since nov 2020 and i just want to know when can i appeal my ban thanks.

  2. been a while hasn't it rob

  3. rob its arkm, can we speak in ts?

  4. hey mind checking my unban appeal i did make one 6 months ago but nothing got done was on managament review f 5 months so im hoping this duration dont take ages as my ban isnt a main thing just me being a annoying person so im hoping to help


  5. please adopt me

  6. Bro i love you


  7. Accepted! - Please contact me via DMs for next steps.
  8. Hi rob i have just installed a SSD on my rig and had to re download everything but can no longer access cmg as it wants me to verify again which i cant do as its already been done 😕 Perm is 175950

    1. JackM


      Hi there. You will have to make a discord ticket in the CMG discord and request a account recovery. make sure to give details such as your old perm id and the verify screenshot

  9. happy birthday 🙂

    edit: its already 1AM here lol

    1. Agwe


      No way has he ego'd you on that...

    2. mg :)

      mg :)

      he has AHAHAHA

  10. hey my other forums account was banned an hour ago because i said some things such as ur the n word and i will doxxing you and ddosing cgm but i promise i dont even know how to do anything of those i was told if i wrote that i was going to get paid 5$ and 10m in cgm by someone and i did it and they didnt give me anything pls dont ban ,me ingame 

  11. hello man, dont mean to be annoying when you get a chance can u check my app i been ban 4 months 9 days exact aha hoping to try the new cops v civ event if im unban dont wanna miss it 🙂 no rush man. Have a good day!

  12. yo robbster how long does it take for me to get  unbanned  i got false banned  @Robbster


  13. yo Robbster be cute and unban me i got false banned 


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