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  1. What is your gang name?: HBKWhat is your user ID?: 16608When was your gang created?: 08/06/20Tell us your gang backstory: HBK has been a gang that's been around for quite a long time, it has many dedicated members making it more of a family rather than a gang alone where everyone is just acquaintances; we're a family but also business. HBK was made as a business gang with many impressive high-quality services that it has offered over an amount of time, I have created this gang to have a place for the people within the community at the time to have a society/community to be included w
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  2. +1 one of the best if not best gangs around getting extremely active and there rp is really good.
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  4. -1 Members are racist and are still in the gang after being racist in a call with the leaders of HBK. Also kicks members for using pistols. one guy always begging to buy aks but the guy would never go on as well so they kicked him for using pistol cause he had noting .
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  5. Hi @Bitterfive, make sure GTA V is part of your Steam Library, update the Rockstar Launcher and Steam, and then ensure Steam is already running once you try to open FiveM and load onto CMG. Please let me know if that helps in my discord DMs - Deviation#0001
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  6. -1 their rp is in the dirt shittiest gang in the city
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  7. @England is my xity I am assuming this hasn't yet been resolved by checking your last login date. Did you manage to make the relevant recovery ticket in the CMG Discord with your account information? @ZeeDon I am aware your account has been completed and recovered successfully.
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