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    FiveM General Rules

  • 1.0 Microphone - A microphone is required to join the server. If caught without one you will be kicked and a ban may be issued until you can come on to Teamspeak to prove you have a working microphone.
  • 1.1 Trolling - Trolling is not welcome and you will be warned if you continue a ban may be issued.
  • 1.2 Metagaming - Meta-Gaming means using out of character information for in-game knowledge, e.g using tempIDs to know who you're talking to, Metagaming is not permitted under any circumstance: stream sniping is included.
  • 1.3 Power Gaming - This involves using either game or roleplay mechanics to alter a situation so it best suits your desires eg. /me ties hands. You must be willing to roleplay a situation to its fullest and not ruin the experience of others.
  • 1.4 Fail RP - Fail Roleplay is something that is unrealistic, for example, ramping your vehicle off of an extreme height, driving a vehicle up a mountain that is not suitable to the terrain. Fail RP would also include repairing your vehicle in an active chase, swapping out vehicles from a garage whilst being seen in a situation or /dv'ing your vehicle within the initiation period. Drivers must not carry other players and drive at the same time. Repair Kits can only be used outside of your car for that realistic effect.
  • 1.5 RDM - Random Death Match. A valid reason and clear demands need to be established before you can kill someone. For example, initiating with a demand such as "hands hands hands" is not clear demands and will classed as invalid initiation. "Put your hands in the air and do not move" will be classed as valid initiation as the demands are clear.
  • 1.6 VDM  - Vehicle Deathmatch. Randomly running over others is not acceptable and will result in an instant ban. You may only use your vehicle as a weapon if the person poses a direct threat to your life and is standing in front of your bonnet with a weapon, and there is no alternative route to escape. You must not use your vehicle as a weapon unless your vehicle is a last resort. Ramming another vehicle without previous initiation on the driver is also VDM.
  • 1.7 Offensive Language  - You are not allowed to be Racist in any sort of language in game or around the CMG community. This will lead to a Perm Ban.
  • 1.8 Breaking RP - When in-game, you must never break character unless spoken to by CMG Staff member or at VIP Island - there are no exceptions. This also includes using /me to break character for example: "You're gonna be banned".

  • 1.9 Combat logging - You may not log out whilst in an active situation (10 mins of initiation) or whilst in the death animation.
  • 1.10 Combat storing - Combat storing to avoid being robbed/arrested is not permitted.
  • 1.11 Chat  - Using chat in a disrespectful manner, speaking a different language other than English will result in kicks and bans. If you are unhappy with a person, ask them to come to Teamspeak and talk about it with a CMG Staff member present.
  • 1.12 Exploiting  - Abusing a bug in the game or mechanics in order to gain an advantage over other players is unacceptable. This includes glitching into the map, duping money, and Quick Looting clearing the Emote or doing it in a Vehicle, etc.

  • 1.13 Selling in-game money/items - Selling or attempting to sell money, vehicles, items or any other assets ingame for real world money, trade or services  is not allowed and both parties will result in a permanent ban. (OOGT) 

  • 1.14 Toxic  - CMG Staff reserves the right to ban any player that is behaving in a toxic manner in game or within the CMG Community, eg. Gang Discords that are associated to CMG

  • 1.15 Spite Reports  - Must be filed within 24 hours, if said player files the report 20 hours later, to then have the accused file a report against said player with evidence of an incident that happened 2 days ago, that will be classed as a spite report and you will be issued a punishment.

  • 1.16 /takehostage - When initiated on someone who is using /takehostage you may not go ahead and HARM the captor, but instead you MUST attempt to RP it out.

  • 1.17 /carry - Only a passenger of a vehicle can /carry a body into a vehicle. The driver is no longer allowed to /me places on passenger seat.

  • 1.18 Kidnapping Vehicles - 5 door vehicles and vans are the only vehicles suitable for kidnappings. Sports cars or other 3 door vehicles cannot be used for kidnapping, if used this will be classed as Fail RP.

  • 1.19 Turf Advantages - You are not allowed to log out at turf zones to gain an advantage for example driving to Large Arms on Server 1, logging out and entering Server 2. This will be classed as exploiting and a 48 hour ban will be issued immediately.

  • 1.20 Valid Initiation - In order to initiate on anyone you must have a valid reason, you are not allowed to walk up to any player within CMG and create any threat to life unless having a valid reason, this will only include a visible reason to e.g: At a drug trader, having a visible backpack, having visible weaponry, Leaving a shop that can be robbed or leaving an ATM (For money) - If a situation is believed to be invalid e.g Robbing at a clothing store, initiating for clothes, no visible weapon / backpack, you must wait for the whole situation to play out in full before calling on a staff member to assist you. (You must provide a 5+ Minute video as evidence for this where a staff member will conclude on if the situation was valid or invalid)

    Valid initiation must be clear and for a valid reason, for this you should be near to the player or on shouting and within range to ensure that the player can hear you, initiation can not be “Hands Hands Hands” as this is invalid however it must be “Out of the car with your hands up or I will shoot” to ensure that they know you are a threat

  • 1.21 Talking whilst dead  - You may talk whilst in the bleeding out animation. If caught talking in the full dead animation, this will be classed as talking whilst dead and is punishable

  • 1.22 Teleporters - You may not camp teleporters under any circumstances. You may not use a teleporter when previously initiated on to hide or gain an advantage. This includes Civs/PD.

  • 1.23 Scamming - Scamming is not allowed within the CMG Community and if reported will be punished. Eg. Selling an in-game item for a fixed amount, accepting the cash transfer and then disconnecting, making off or refusing to trade the paid for item.

  FiveM Character Rules

  • 2.1 Malicious Attacks - Roleplaying sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) is not allowed.
  • 2.2 Value of Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands you must not 180 flick. If there is 1 person with a gun pointed at you, you must value your life. When you are in a vehicle you may use your vehicle to drive away when there is a clear way out. You're not allowed to engage with 3 or more people whilst you're on your own; in doing so will result in FTVL and you can be punished.
  • 2.3 Terrorist - Terrorist roleplay is not acceptable under any circumstance.
  • 2.4 Impersonation of Whitelisted Factions - Impersonation of Police, NHS, LFB, Court Room, Law Firm or Prime Minister is forbidden and you may not use their character models.
  • 2.5 GTA Online Driving - Driving at high speed is not the issue here but excessively passing through traffic and traffic lights is. Drifting around into wrong lanes is also not acceptable. Attempts at stopping at traffic lights, obeying speed limits, driving in the correct lane etc. should be made; especially in high population areas. do not fly helicopters or airplanes low in the city, do not land any of the aircrafts in the city streets, only use appropirate areas such as helipads and airports.
  • 2.6 NLR - New Life Rule. If you are declared dead you cannot return to the area or situation you were involved in, nor can you partake in it for 15 minutes. This also includes being revived by the NHS. If the situation moves location and you accidentally get caught up in it you must make all efforts to leave and not get involved. (You CANNOT return with another character.) NLR does not apply to PD and they can return to a situation as soon as they have respawned and geared up. However, they can't remember anything from their previous life.
  • 2.7 Death Avoidance - Passing money or weapons as you are about to die to save the money is not permitted as it avoids the death system.
  • 2.8 Traffic Stops - If you are being pulled over for a traffic stop you are not allowed to pull a gun or threaten violence, even if you have illegal goods on you cops are not allowed to search you (without reason, a routine traffic stop isn't one). If you have a stolen vehicle, you are allowed to make a run for it but do not pull a weapon unless PD have made contact with your vehicle in order to disable it.
  • 2.9 Group Sizes - Groups larger than 9 are not allowed to be together and initiate a situation. If more gang members are within the city each situation is capped to a maximum of 9. If a gang member dies within a situation, another gang member cannot respond to take over this 9th position. It is the gang members responsibility to make sure they're aware of their numbers per situation.
  • 2.10 Restraints - If you are restrained for example, handcuffed, /th, in the hands up animation or in /k you must you must broadcast in the game what you are saying on Teamspeak/Discord unless your communication devices have been seized. Handcuffs, /th must only be used when someone has their hands up (holding X), is surrendered (/k) or tackled to the ground.
  • 2.11 Bad RP - In order to maintain a high quality of RP, bans will be issued to those who treat the server like GTA Online.

  • 2.12 - Robbing  - You must only rob someone if you have a valid RP reason or an RP backstory that must be clear to the situation.

  • 2.13  - Video Reports  - RDM reports with video require 10 minutes minimum to show whether there was initiation, other video reports for other rules require just the scene of the incident, all videos must be clear and have sound including microphones from the POV of the recorder. 

  • 2.14 - Kidnapping - Maximum time of 30 minutes is a hostage allowed to be kept and the max amount that can be demanded per hostage is 50k, works only for active RP - eg. constantly talking to the person, driving around etc - not allowed to leave dumped somewhere.

  Faction Rules


  • 3.1 Theft of Emergency Vehicles - Stealing Emergency Service Vehicles such as Police, NHS, LFB vehicles is allowed only if you have a valid RP reason. For example if you're involved in a current situation and the only vehicle available is one listed you must tow (/dv) within the initiation timer (10 minutes).
  • 3.2 Whitelist Abuse - Being whitelisted is a privilege that should not be abused. To prevent abuse such as handing out police firearms, reviving friends whilst on-duty, or being clocked on as the incorrect rank (money farming), distributing whitelisting vehicles eg. a whitelisted gang vehicle. All of these will lead to an immediate blacklist from said whitelist and a 48 hour ban.


  • 3.3 Cop Baiting - Cop baiting is not permitted: For example, taking actions in order to make the Police chase and/or engage with you, especially in order to start a firefight. Driving erratically past the police, or intentionally causing damage to a police vehicle in order to engage in a police pursuit is also classed as cop baiting.
  • 3.4 Unrealistic Phone Use - Using a phone while in Police custody/Prison is considered failRP - this includes using the SMS service or tweeting.
  • 3.5 Safe Zone - You may not initiate inside any safe zone. You may verbally threaten but never act on it in a greenzone.
  • 3.6 PD Kidnapping - PCSO’s are not allowed to be taken hostage. If seen you will be punished.

  • 3.6.1 Kidnapping Police Command - Commissioner £300k, Deputy Commissioner £275k, Assistant Commissioner £250k, Deputy Assistant Commissioner £225k, Commander £200k, Chief Superintendent £175k, Superintendents £150k, other ranking officers £50k


  • 3.7 - Unrealistic Revival - When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until a member of NHS releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by a medic. NLR DOES APPLY.
  • 3.8 - Duo NHS - NHS cannot be killed or kidnapped if there are only two on active duty.
  • 3.8.1 - Improper NHS Kidnap  NHS cannot be killed or kidnapped without sufficient reasoning to do so: i.e they refuse to cooperate even when threatened.

  • 3.9 Looting NHS - No Looting EMS anyone caught with Medkits will be punished.

  • 3.10 Revives - NHS reserve the right to revive anyone who is not in the full death animation.

  Rules Regarding Bank Robberies

  • 4.1 - You must talk to the police negotiator and you may not take him/her hostage or harm him/her until negotiations are called off. 

  • 4.2 - All bank robbers must be inside the bank, you are allowed a maximum of 6 robbers at any bank robbery. You are allowed a getaway driver outside in a getaway vehicle however he/she is NOT allowed to engage. The getaway driver is included into the number of robbers. 

  • 4.3 - Bank Robberies must have 10 cops online to start the bank heist
  • 4.4 Interjection of Robberies - You're not allowed to interject with Bank Heists or Store Robberies.

  Rules Regarding Store Robberies

  • 4.6 - You must talk to the police negotiator and you may not take him/her hostage or harm him/her until negotiations are called off. 

  • 4.6.1 Interjection of Robberies - You're not allowed to interject with Bank Heists or Store Robberies.
  • 4.7 - All store robbers must be inside the store, you are allowed a maximum of 6 robbers at any store robbery. You are allowed a getaway driver outside in a getaway vehicle however he/she is NOT allowed to engage. The getaway driver is included into the number of robbers. 

  Random Deathmatch (RDM) and Initiation Rules

  • 5.1 - You are responsible for making sure that the initiation is clear and heard by the opposing party, sloppy initiation is not valid, your demands must be clear. e.g. "hands hands hands" is not valid initiation - "Get out of the car with your hands up now" = valid initiation. It is your responsibility to make sure you're on shouting before initiating to ensure all members hear your initiation for to be valid. 

  • 5.2 - Initiation roleplay lasts for 10 minutes; anything over the period will have to be re-initiated. 

  • 5.3 - To initiate you must have a visible weapon in your hands, not on your back, and give a clear demand. You must also be visible. 

  • 5.4 - You must verbally initiate on a player or group before you taze/knock them out or shoot at them. 

  • 5.5 - Sirens do not count as initiation, nor aiming a firearm at them. 

  • 5.6 - To initiate as a group, you must be wearing the same clothing and colours as your other party members. (I.E, uniform & Vests (bags, masks and head wear isn't included) 

  • 5.7 - You can only initiate through voice, not text message for example /me put your hands up 

  • 5.8 - Using your vehicle as a weapon is prohibited unless your life is in danger, I.E a group of players are surrounding your vehicle and they have proven to be a direct threat to life and the only way to get out is to run someone over.  

  • 5.9 - You may not initiate or act in violence against those who are responding to the call you or your gang made unless it is on a gang turf, however those who turn up to the scene must have seperate initiation. 

  • 5.10 - You may not execute anyone who complies to all your demands. 

  • 5.11 - You may not initiate in a vehicle. 

  • 5.12 - No combat reviving. e.g. Reviving any player during an active gunfight. You may only revive someone after the scene is clear, or after there has been no gunfire for 5 minutes, or if the entire opposing force is eliminated. (you are responsible for ensuring that the entire opposing force truly is eliminated.) After being revived, NLR does apply.

  • 5.13 - Self Defence - If someone damages you with a weapon or vehicle with malicious intent, you may shoot back & defend yourself without being prosecuted for RDM. You may report the person who damages you whether you die or win in your self defence. (10 minute video required) 


  Note: Any organised group of players that engage in hostile RP together is considered to be a gang (Must be in the same style and colour clothing to be classed as a gang)

  Gang Sizes 

  • 6.1 - Gangs are limited to 9 active players at any given time, unless you are a whitelisted gang the maximum is 9.

  • 6.2 - Gang members in excess of the 9 player limit may not take part in hostile roleplay with the main group nor call in for reinforcements. 

  • 6.3 - Gangs should not ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size.

  • 6.4 - Gang initiation is allowed everywhere. Gang initiation is when one member of a gang initiates on another member of another gang and therefore all members of both gangs are initiated on each other within the 100 meters and all participants must be visible. The visibility does not apply on gang turfs. 

  • 6.5 - Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the gameplay of other players. 

  • 6.6 - Conflicts between gangs should remain civil and within RP at all times. OOC behaviour will not be tolerated and punishment will be issued.

  • 6.7 - If an uninvited guest enters your house, that is a valid RP reason to initiate.

  • 6.8 - A group of 3 people enter a situation and call for back up to maximise the situation to 6 gang members, those that are called to the situation MUST have seperate initiation and no more are allowed to be called once the maximum of 6 has been reached..

  • 6.9 - CMG Management reserve the right to disband any gang that breaks server rules or behaves in an overly toxic manner.

  • 6.10 - Impersonation of Gangs - Impersonation of whitelisted and non whitelisted gangs is forbidden, you may not use gang clothes, gang members names or their character models.

  • 6.11 - Gang Cap - All gangs are limited to a maximum of 20 members.

  Turf Capture Rules

  •  7.1 - Initiation is needed, however your gang does not need to be visible. 

  •  7.2 - Police are only allowed to respond and get involved in gang turf wars if they receive a call or hear gun shots. 

  •  7.3 - No combat reviving. - combat revive is when ems or police revive civilians in an active scene. 

  •  7.4 - If you die and respawn you cannot return, NLR applies. 

  The Zones

  There are 2 types of marked zones that you will experience on the map.

  Green zones are “Safe” areas where players are able to convene without hostile interruption. They are not safe havens from the law however, Police can attempt to arrest you. (Note the weed turf is not a greenzone)

  Red zones are “Hostile” areas where certain rules are suspended. (Note: The Heroin trader is a redzone)

  You must not abuse the boundaries of any marked zone on the map. Using the boundary to troll/taunt or temporarily gain protection is forbidden.  

  Green zone specific rules:

  •  8.1 - You must not attempt to kill anyone in a green zone. 

  •  8.2 - Lethal weapons must not be visible within green zones at all times. Failure to follow this rule will result in a warning and potentially a kick from the server. 

  •  8.3 - You must not attempt to initiate other players in a green zone. 

  •  8.4 - You must not steal a vehicle from the green zone. 

  •  8.5 - You must not sell illegal items such as drugs or guns. 

  •  8.6 - You may not retreat into a greenzone in order to avoid hostile roleplay, whilst in hostile roleplay or whilst under ongoing initiation. Retreating into a green zone is forbidden and punishable. 

   Red zone specific rules:

  •  9.1 - All other server rules apply in the Red zones with the exception of the RDM rule. 

  •  9.2 - Hostages are not to be taken into the Red zones. 

  •  9.3 - For Red zone specific rules to apply, both shooter and victim must be inside the Red zone. 

  •  9.4 - You may not flee in to a red zone when in a police pursuit / initiation. 

  •  9.5 - Upon exiting the redzone, you must not return for 5 minutes..

  •  9.6 - If players are within a 20 meter radius of a red zone this will be, a valid reason to be initiated on.

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