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  3. Zanify

    head bag

    Press ALT+B while a player has their hands up to place a head bag to remove their vision, same thing goes for removing it.

    1. BonFromReality
    2. Ludde


      tf you want me to do, I'm not even staff

    3. Kyyz21


       why u left Ludde?


  5. Blake

    head bag

    how do u use a head bag
  6. Andy

    Discord Verifying

    If you need to get verified in the discord, however it wont let you. Please fill this form out and wait patiently. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdkBRG7AIAHIR5mz0JlDPkgYQh9hLc87yUiR3f3-j9Lwy4VUg/viewform
  7. Hello - My DMs have been open for a week, and I also replied in game support. Please contact me in DMs.
  8. i will pass the message across.
  9. can anyone please help me get in contact with deviation he told me to dm him over the forums about my unban and management terms and i cant get a hold of him on anything from discord team-speak and the forums can anyone help.
  10. Hello Forums manager Andy!

  11. Please submit an unban appeal here: https://cmgforums.com/forums/index.php?/forms/4-unban-appeal/
  12. Is there anyway i can get unmuted from the cmg discord? i got muted like 8 months ago and i don't know how to unmute myself from texting Pls Reply
  13. Day 421 of waiting for Despawned to do comp requests 😔

  14. hey mate


  15. +1 by far been one of the best gangs in cmg RP kept the RP alive when it was dead and brung it back. -great guy -great rp team always tries his best to plan out his rp and get it done #CMG TRADER
  16. Fill this in please https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdkBRG7AIAHIR5mz0JlDPkgYQh9hLc87yUiR3f3-j9Lwy4VUg/viewform
  17. Earlier


  19. do ye really want me to count to three 


  20. get me coat


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