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  4. Mans got FL in his name thats when you know hes a real 1 

    1. [FL] JackZ

      [FL] JackZ

      used to be admin lol

  5. hi i made appeal

  6. i give up 


  7. Earlier
  8. +1 chief on top always helpful and good admin deserves more credit!

    1. cheifwiggy


      cheers g


  9. Juwlz can you join teamspeak 3 so you can help me


  10. To remind everyone, what qualifies you for the CMG Staff team - 
    4 or less punishments on your F10
    1 Month after you have been punished must pass before you can apply or it will be an instant deny, regardless of the punishment.
    Positive, Professional and Firm but Fair attitude
    Knowledge on the rules
    110k perm id and below

  11. Have a Blessed Day!

  12. Denied

  13. On Hold

    1. MrTaco


      I need to put it on hold before i accept/deny u bitch

  14. i just applied again 

  15. Lee

    Stop taking all forum posts 

    1. MrTaco


      STFU bithday boy

  16. I got banned from the discord for no reason please unban me pabs:(

  17. Do we want an event Sunday evening?
    If so - Ima reserve slots between 30/40 people

  18. New Montage!


  19. Staff Cap is now raised to 110k and below in perm ids.

    1. JamesUK


      wiggy moving bois

    2. JamesUK


      Viggy vaseline now on sale. 



  21. unban me on discord please i really want to play cmg badly 

    discord dft m#4439

  22. WhERe's DiAmOnd MiNe ?!?!?!?

  23. short arse

    1. JamesUK


      can vouch

    2. Wiggy.


      Ross I wanna motorboat you - James ur as straight as a roundabout. 

  24. mmm very good very good

  25. Thanks for the follow owl man


  26. gimp

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