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  3. +1 Second best RP gang in the city (behind Sons of Anarchy). On a serious note, we have had contact with these guys since they started up and they have provided amazing RP to the city and have never failed to entertain as well as helping to increase RP citywide.
  4. Big +1 these guys have been carrying the RP scene in cmg for so long now should've been whitelisted ages ago, these guys 1000% deserve it the work they put in is nuts
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  6. Hello. Please help me i’ve tried to contact so many people on this server but nothing seems to be working. My posts on the forums keep getting deleted without any advise on what to do. I upgraded my car at los santos customs and spent over 200k. When i spawned my car back in none of it had saved- not even the respray. This has actaully happened before and i received no support and lost 300k. Now i’ve lost 500k all together and no one is trying to fix it. I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thanks 

  7. How do I verify in the discord? My fivem is connected to it i just dont understand where I get the code to "!verify"


  8. Massive +1 the boys been grinding the RP for months when it was dead, Bigz, Luke and Thomas have put so much work into the cartel, deserves whitelist 110%
  9. +1 one of the best if not the best rp gang in cmg at the minute all very well grown and get on with everybody Love boys and girls NOODLES0151
  10. 191030 is my perm it is not letting me reply to that 


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      it never lets me reply to comments aswell i always gotta write on peoples page soz bout that

  11. big +1 some of the best rp in the city comes from these lot
  12. +1 Ace Cartel, I’ve been apart of this gang for a while now and I have nothing but positive things to say always involving everybody in the RP and bigz and the higher ups always help with the lower ranks and bringing them to the big RP meetings showing them how things are done
  13. +1 Ace Cartel, you'd think they were already whitelisted
  14. +1 Great gang rp keeps the city alive well deserved to be whitelisted.
  15. +100 if anyone deserves the gang whitelist then its deffo Ace Cartel! Brilliant RP daily and also get all the other gangs around the city involved aswell not just the known gangs! Biggz and his boys have done tons for the RP in CMG!
  16. +1 really nice guy have seen all the work that he has put into this ace cartel big +1 for me should have gang whitelist
  17. +1 Ace Cartel Really nice person to interact and roleplay with. Really hope to see them whitelisted, Good Luck Bigz!!!
  18. Gang Whitelist application on hold for Management Review.
  19. What is your gang name? : Ace cartelWhat is your user ID? : 414When was your gang created? : 01/04/21Tell us your gang backstory: You may be thinking that the Ace Cartel has always been living the high life on the west side of the city, this is not the case. The power and riches that are possessed by the cartel were not handed to them by any means. Many years of anger, pain and an overwhelming hunger for power from a young age is what pushed six neglected foster children to grow up to be some of the most feared names in and around the city. It all started in Summerway, a row of 3 foster home
  20. Last week
  21. Hi


    You denied my ban appeal for not putting in enough detail but I didn't even do anything to get banned. I don't understand why I got banned... it's really annoying that you're asking me why I got banned and to put loads of detail in but I literally can't its like asking me to describe the colour black in 2000 words. I haven't been able to play for 6 months with my friends all I'm trying to do is have a bit of fun, please can you re-review or just try and sort something out for me. I genuinely 100% didn't even do anything I can join any other server completely fine. As put in my original unban request before all I had on my screen was lua error and got kicked, then I got banned.

  22. hey did you receive the last thing i sent you regarding the unban?


    upon getting a response to my ban appeal and seeing it has been put on hold and not instantly denied i feel i should add more as i appreciate that the time has been put into looking into it and giving me a potential chance of getting back on  the server.  i don't think my initial message shown just how much i would like to be able to get back into the city. 
    what i did was extremely immature and at the time in my pov it was just a childish back and forward on a discord call with some kid and the past couple months all i have done is regret making a statement like i did as i would never even  act on it ( or even know how to do it ), if i knew making a stupid threat like that would ever impact my gameplay or access to cmg i would have kept my mouth shut and from this situation i have matured and would never dare dream of acting like this on the internet i cringe when i think about it. it is not me at all. with regards to the ban evading all i can do is apologise and would apologise over and over it's hard to justify stupidity especially when you regret it but i guess in the most honest way possible all i can say is i love the server and the several groups of great people on there and just at one point was willing to act on stress and curiosity rather than wait it out with my fingers crossed to be unbanned. i apologise yet again i know how strongly this is looked at and just think i didnt stop and think of the bigger picture. it would mean a lot to me to be given another chance i know a lot of people say this but the time away has been well and truly used to reflect on the stupidity and i know love to be able to get back on and prove i could be a valuable member of the community and prove im not the idiot i made myself out to be. i have been watching bodycams the whole time ive been off and am aching to get back into some good rp and the events that have been happening recently, no other servers cut it for me this was my first and most enjoyed place to play on. i would like to potentially look into taking rp to another level and having a purpose in the city like nhs or maybe even police in the future rather then get involved in the constant fights. 
    i would take any measure to ensure you can watch me closely to make sure my regret is the truth and not just a blag on a appeal to try win my chance back on, i could do things  such as using a bodycam everytime i play, or anything you can suggest i would just really like to be back.
    i understand that appeals must be irritating and u probably read the same speel everyday but i mean every word that i say and the fact my appeal hasn't been instantly denied has made me feel even more strong about the chance i may actually  be able to get back on and enjoy the city again properly 
    thank you and hope to hear back soon - have a good day...


    i was told by you on my unban appeal to wait until the first of this month, i waited a little extra to let the time pass, would mean the world if we could get into a team speak call & potentially sort out like a few rules for me to be unbanned

  24. forgot to add this to my unban appeal. I done something that was really stupid and tried to get away with using a gta mod menu on fivem and was banned by the anti-cheat. I realised right away when I done it that what I was doing was wrong but messed around in the menus anyways which resulted in an anti-cheat ban. It was dumb to do this as there is so much to the server than anywhere else I've ever played on which further emphasizes the point of how much I regret what I done. The reason I tried to play it off as something that was server sided is due to the fact that I really didn't want to get banned and leave the community forever but it's something that was inevitable due to how stupid the actions I made were. I've accepted the punishment I was given and think I deserve a second chance to play on the most thriving server on FiveM. I understand and realise what I did was wrong and have missed everyone on CMG but especially the people who I made friends who who I spoke to and got involved with before I got banned so would really appreciate a second chance to continue my friendships with these people aswell.


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      lool firm that

  25. When you join the server a message will pop up just follow the instructions
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