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  5. Nqkn

    yo with my ban appeal are u sure i cant appeal a week earlier or somthn?

    1. Alfie
    2. Nqkn


      some people have appealed and have been banned after me and its on hold

    3. Nqkn


      also is it a high chance i will be unbanned since i didnt ban evade or anyting


  6. Denied Thank you for showing interest in a gang whitelist. However, after reviewing your application, the CMG Management team has decided not to accept you. After some evidence has been provided to management members, it has come to our attention that you have allowed multiple occurrences relating to racist slurs and racist behavior. Members of your gang were accused of such, and your actions and punishment to stop this unacceptable behavior were nothing more than a joke of an act. And you've made it very clear that you are incapable of having correct priorities. The gang leaders seem to
  7. -1 Members are racist and are still in the gang after being racist in a call with the leaders of HBK. Also kicks members for using pistols. one guy always begging to buy aks but the guy would never go on as well so they kicked him for using pistol cause he had noting .
  8. -1 This gang is racist and condones racism within. One of the leaders was told and heard the person who was being racist and when called out about it he was more focused on kicking a guy for using a pistol. Unreal.
  9. -1 Can't rp within the rules and comms are very racist.
  10. Genuinely i thought they were a good gang until the fact of, they kicked a guy for using a pistol once but they dont ban people who are completely racist within their gang. It definitely is a toxic gang. Some of the people are nice but some of the higherups seem to turn a blind eye to when someone says something racist or completely toxic.
  11. this gang is verry racist https://streamable.com/lfo875 https://streamable.com/gc67sg
  12. -1 their members are racist asf in coms, can’t rp for shit they only rp they do is hostage sits and business meetings. All they do is frag
  13. -1 for racism do not think they should be accepted
  14. -1 Members are racist and are still in the gang after being racist in a call with the leaders of HBK. Also kicks members for using pistols.
  15. letshe should be stopped streaming cmg server is always ddosed when he streams it 

    1. EngishHybrid


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  16. A reminder to all of our current & future staff applicants, new requirements, and guidelines has been released. You are expected to read through them as it will help you greatly when applying.

    A direct link may be found here:

  17. Divineds requested for this reply from him to Mailar: a) You were never on when we were, if you were you just joined to shout random things when you got drunk. b) We did multiple meetings with other gangs and events. c) Inactive:
  18. -1 HBK is very inactive and have they do bad RP. Because when i was in the gang everyone just was grinding and not doing any RP like a gang stuff we didn't go frag like gang or do any hostage situations etc. That's why i left from it, this is my own opinion so dont kill me please.


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    2. twitch pxmpziii
    3. Andy


      you just have to wait for management mate sorry.

    4. twitch pxmpziii

      twitch pxmpziii

      hes been active bu no review? cant u get in touch with him??


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