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  4. Mainly a good guy and really mature

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  6. good, u shouldnt be able to spend 300 on a shank or however much it is and just lock onto someone w an AR easily and just shank them to death. Melees are perfect as they are now


  7. can read my ban appeal

    Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.08 -

    1. traviskeogh18


      can u read my unban appeal


    2. TheApexWolf


      Bruh why are you posting this on my profile 🤣

  8. Either verify your phone, or put your discord name/# here, and ill give you the role
  9. hey i got the same problem how did you fix it?
  10. Earlier
  11. Hi I asked for the wrc polo 2016 shape and i have been given the 2018 plain polo which i didnt want and this is the second time as I asked for the new bmw s1000rr and got the old one and wouldnt give me a new one.
  12. bot


    1. Bob


      bot x2


  13. My profile song is no longer a leaked song it was put on the album lol

  14. Mailar

    Discord problem

    problem solved thanks @sav
  15. Anyone knows how to fix this I think it's because I have to verify my phone number on CMG to get access to channels but I can't do that for reasons I have already verified it on my different account on discord, or when react to CMG on a top tag on discord you get role so if someone can give me that on discord it would maybe work. I don't want quit the server because have been here already 1year, I would a appreciate if I can join to the server and go play RP.
  16. Gang Shit

  17. @Robbster @Despawned please look at my pointless unban appeal i will appreciate it:)

  18. can someone please take action on my unban appeal because it is so pointless


  19. Bob is irreverent 

  20. Will you please gedraag? Thankuwel 


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