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  3. fin it dont let me +1 it 

    can u just remove it 


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  5. i am team speak rn 


    1. Usse [SWE]

      Usse [SWE]

      when you coming ts


  6. Last week
  7. hey forsty so i want to get some new wheels on my car right so i did that then went to buy custom wheels on my car and it was not coming up at all so i speam it a couple times and i look at my money and it was taking it away form my bank can u please help me i have sent u proof already on discord the money i had before i got new wheels i had $241.323 can u help me out thanks


  8. Strange, I'll have a look for some ideas and get back to you.
  9. Yeah, using the other casino is the simpler solution. I used to have this issue but I suggest clearing your cache and doing a full reinstall of the CMG client files OR reinstalling FiveM. I did both of these and fixed the issue and have not had a problem since.
  10. Still having the issue, but i'm not going anymore to the casino in the city
  11. Are you still having this issue or has it been resolved now @distranche?
  12. Hello sw1shcorbett, I am making the assumption that this issue is resolved by now, however, in the instance which it is not please open a ban appeal on the forums or join our TeamSpeak and join "Waiting for Support" and a member of staff will review your evidence and unban you if necessary.
  13. AlfieS


    Hello mrmg14, Please contact @Minimanz regarding your mute and he will be able to sort this for you.
  14. Hello Owen, Your forums name will only be set upon first login to the forums if using a 3rd party application such as Steam. If you require a name change please contact Harra or Vortex on Discord and they will be able to do this for you.
  15. Hello Andy am i getting unbanned?


  16. IchBin > All

    DNA > All

  17. I sign into the forums via steam, the first time I connected, my steam was my current name, my steam name has been updated for a long time but the forums has not updated with it, i've tried refreshing it in the settings but it hasn't worked
  18. Earlier
  19. Would you mind hopping into the Discord we can help you better there! Also try these steps: # Link your Discord to FiveM - Close Discord - Close FiveM + Reopen Discord + Reopen FiveM + Join CMG + Tab out to discord and accept the prompt to link your Discord to FiveM If that doesn't work try: Still having issues after following the link Discord Steps provided above? Uninstall Discord Close FiveM if it isn't closed already! Then go to the following places. First Cache: Type into the bottom search bar or the run window %localappdata% and hit enter. Look for the “Discord” folder here and delete it. Second Cache: Type into the bottom search bar or the run window %appdata% and hit enter. Look for the “Discord” folder here and delete it. Then reinstall Discord and open FiveM and you should now be able to link!
  20. YOHadj

    Discord problem

    honestly trash responce tell me how to fix this problem
  21. yo robbster how long does it take for me to get  unbanned  i got false banned  @Robbster


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